18.5 Summary

  • Binary search trees are simple, but they are subject to imbalance which leads to crappy runtime. 2-3 Trees (B Trees) are balanced, but painful to implement.

  • LLRB insertion is simple to implement (deletion is a bit harder to implement, we won't go over the specifics in this course).

    • Use three basic operations to maintain the balanced structure, namely rotateLeft, rotateRight, and color flip.

  • LLRBs maintain correspondence with 2-3 trees, Standard Red-Black trees maintain correspondence with 2-3-4 trees.

    • Java’s TreeMap is a red-black tree that corresponds to 2-3-4 trees.

    • 2-3-4 trees allow glue links on either side (see Red-Black Tree).

    • More complex implementation, but faster.

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